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February 20th, 2014 at 11:38 am

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In recent years, huge market capacity makes the textile industry, the increasing competition of the day, a strong brand to step up the layout, grab regional brands to be outdone, followed the same textile apparel companies are also eager and set off A Unit of replica oakley sunglasses textile expand heatwave. Many people in the industry have expressed concern about the increasing homogenization of the textile industry problems, how to find a new starting point, higher market profits are many brands of textile enterprises thought. When the original product line developed to a certain bottlenecks, increase the number of product lines may help expand the market share of the enterprise, to go hand in hand each other auxiliary effect. In this regard, the well-known textile brands Nga Road has its own strategy. Nga Road currently has a number of textile product lines, covering blankets, mosquito nets, blankets, pillows, bedding, etc., in the past 2013 years, carefully crafted Nga Road textile products “Ya Lusi cotton was” also won the Guangdong Province famous replica oakley sunglasses brand. According to Nga Road textile responsible person: As the market becomes more diverse, individual needs of consumers will be more robust, more products to meet their individual. Similarly different incomes, different people will have different career interests, to the interpretation of textile products as well. Meet the needs of different areas, but also market maturity, and the market will be more differentiated products, if it is a single product line operations can only catch a small part. At the same time multi-enterprise product line can also retain more talent to talent with more space for development. At the same time, the intangible value of the original product but also adds weight to the new product line. Nga Road textile After nearly a decade of development, in the textile field has accumulated a large number of customers, has won a good reputation, they are Nga Road replica oakley sunglasses multi-product line development has laid a solid foundation. Author


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